LG G4: a video crash test to measure its resistance to falls

by Jerry

Unlike the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, which are made of 6013 aluminum, which are stronger than that used by competing smartphones, the LG G4 features a plastic chassis and a rear shell made of either plastic or vegetable leather. A design that raises a few questions about the strength of the latest Korean flagship. And to answer this question, TechRax has just posted a first crash video test.

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LG G4, a slightly curved screen to better withstand falls.

As usual, the test is done in several stages. The phone first falls vertically to about a metre and a half in height and hits the ground first on the edge and then on the front. At this point, the screen is still intact and the phone is only chipped at the spot where it hit the ground. The test author then drops the phone on the front. The rear shell and battery come off and the screen is partially broken but the phone is still working.

We will still be quite surprised to see the screen of the LG G4 break so easily when it has barely touched the ground. All the more so when we know that if LG has decided to equip its latest flagship with a curved screen, it is precisely in order to offer it better resistance to falls since because of its shape, the slab is not supposed to come into contact with the ground in case of shock. Unfortunately, even without direct contact, the screen does not resist.

Does this mean that the LG G4 will not be strong enough to withstand the vagaries of everyday life? Not necessarily because the consequences of an accidental fall are often random. On the other hand, it seems to be less solid than originally thought.

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