Nintendo 64 Classic Edition: images of a prototype of a mobile N64 on the run!

by Jerry

While waiting for the official Nintendo 64 Classic Edition, images of a prototype Nintendo 64 laptop have just been unveiled by the Hyperkin accessory specialist in the manufacture of retro consoles. Based on a modified Nintendo 64 controller, this functional prototype is very enticing and is likely to captivate the hearts of many fans.

Since the end of 2016, Nintendo has found the right vein: capitalize on the nostalgia of veteran players by offering miniature reissues of the good old consoles of yesteryear. The NES Classic Edition is snapping up gold prices on e-commerce sites, and the SNES Classic Edition is one of the best-selling consoles of 2017. By offering users the th across the game in authentic conditions, these devices avoid criticism of modern video games.

Given this commercial success, it is very unlikely that Nintendo will stop in such a good way. After the NES and SNES, the next console to be reissued will undoubtedly be the Nintendo 64 of 1996. It is rumoured that the Nintendo 64 Classic Edition is already in the works. However, it is not clear when this device will be marketed. While waiting for an official announcement, images of a prototype Nintendo 64 laptop have just leaked on the web.

Nintendo 64 Classic Edition: a portable N64 consisting of a controller, screen and cartridge reader

These images are not from Nintendo, but from the Hyperkin accessory maker, which also makes miniature retro consoles. So it's not an official product, but the machine remains very exciting for Nintendo fans. The image revealed on an employee's Facebook page shows an N64 controller with a screen,as well as a cartridge reader. The device looks functional, so it can play the Nintendo 64 anywhere.

This console remains one of the most adored of all time, with classics like Goldeneye, Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, F-Zero X or Super Mario 64. In fact, such a product is likely to be a phenomenal success. It is already possible to play the Nintendo 64 on smartphone thanks to emulators, but nothing can match the sensations provided by the good old controller of the N64.

Hyperkin is likely to be marketing this product soon, but it is not known when. Hyperkin has just launched legal proceedings against Ramon Navos-Moral, the Community Manager who unveiled the prototype on Facebook. The employee is accused of disseminating images intended for the internal research and development department. Would you be tempted by this Nintendo 64 laptop?

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