Xbox One: FREE PUBG and PES 2019 for a limited time

by Jerry

Xbox One players can pick up FREE PUBG and PES 2019 for a limited time. The exact expiry date of the offer has not yet been communicated, so it is better to hurry. Both games are already available for download via the Microsoft Store.

Big surprise for Xbox One players, the games PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, known as PUBG, and PES 2019, yet released at the end of August 2018 only, are free and available for download and installation via the Microsoft Store for "a limited time" according to the indications on their respective listings. No more information on the subject yet, Microsoft has not really communicated. Not too bad, as long as you can enjoy both games without paying at the checkout.

FREE PUBG and PES 2019 on Xbox One

As for PUBG, it's not that surprising. We were promised a very big announcement for the Battle Royale at the X018 conference on Xbox's upcoming projects. This must therefore be part of the plans regarding the future of the game on the console, pending more information on November 10, 2018 at the event. PUBG suffers from the comparison with Fortnite, the latter being more accessible in terms of equipment and especially free.

As for PES 2019, however, the mystery is total. Of course, Konami's title disappoints in terms of sales, doing even less well than the 2018 version and suffering from the comparison with FIFA 19, which has for him the licenses of teams, championships and competitions and which can count on its very popular online mode FUT. But PES 2019 was only released in August 2018 and to see it go free is quite exceptional. This normally never happens, even for editions dating back several years. In any case, the tests and reviews note good gameplay and significant improvements to the license this year, so feel free to throw yourself at it.

Big move to mark the return of the big Xbox conference, anniversary of the Xbox One X released a year ago, we are now waiting for explanations from the publishers. Remember, this is probably a time-limited offer, so don't hang around to take advantage of it. Note that an Xbox Live Gold subscription is still required to play multiplayer. If you don't plan to subscribe, PUBG becomes useless (you can still take it for later in case) but PES offers an interesting solo experience with the legendary Masters League.

Click here to download PUBG on Xbox One

Click here to download PES 2019 on Xbox One

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