Huawei has a clever idea to make the huge photo modules of mobiles more useful

by Jerry

Huawei has filed a patent that involves using the design ring that surrounds the four-sensor camera of the Mate 30 Pro as a touch screen. This could display notifications, text messages and allow you to perform a few simple actions when the smartphone is placed face down on the table.

The circumference of the photo module could become a touch screen used for notifications and some simple actions / Credits: Let's Go Digital

Huawei continues to innovate against and against U.S. sanctions, which are slowing down its ambition to become the world's number one smartphone company for now. The brand has just dropped off a new brevet in which we discover sketches of the back of a smartphone evoking the Mate 30 Pro.

The novelty is that the brushed ring that surrounds these sensors is here replaced by a circular touch screen. This screen should display certain notifications, text messages and information such as the time when the smartphone is placed screen against the table. But also to interact with the smartphone. For example, it is possible to refuse an appeal by touching the right side of the circle,or to accept it by touching the left side.

The ring can also be used as an additional touch control to zoom in, or to change volume. In addition, the Home dock can also be displayed there, and Huawei has planned some additional uses such as the possibility of changing pages by passing the finger on this ring. The idea of Huawei is in any case welcome, while the price of this type of device and their technology have evolved favorably.

The back of most smartphones is an internal area,especially since fingerprint sensors are integrated directly under OLED screens. In addition, some will say that the proliferation of photo sensors, grouped in kinds of "cooking plates" is deeply unsightly in addition to providing no use beyond taking photos and videos.

What do you think of this idea? Would you like to see her arrive in a future Mate? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Let's Go Digital

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