Onexplayer Mini is a portable PC gamer to rival Steam Deck

by Jerry

Onexplayer Mini is one-netbook’s newest product, which this time comes to the market to rival Steam Deck – either by design or by the ability to run games with great quality. The device that has a 7-inch screen is now available for purchase on the manufacturer’s website and comes out for no less than $1,259 in its most basic configuration.

Onexplayer Mini is high-powered pocket PC (Image: Disclosure/One Notebook)
The look of the Onexplayer Mini is a bit distant from the previous model, the Onexplayer, which aimed to get closer to the Nintendo Swich. In addition its screen is also a little smaller – the original model had 8.4 inches.

The processing power, however, has been improved as well as other settings. Now the “portable PC” comes with an Intel i7-1195G7 processor and 16GB memory in a fixed way. At the time of purchase it is possible to increase the basic storage, which is 512GB, for two other options – 1TB and 2TB, with increments of more than US$ 100 in final prices.

Despite sending the device to all over the world, and shipments have already begun, the price for Brazil is prohibitive, especially due to the high conversion of the dollar – US$ 1 is worth R$ 5.53 on January 17, 2022 – and also for the possible import taxes that the equipment would suffer.

Still, the configuration is impressive because it’s such a small device, as it also has configurable controls, special triggers, touch screen, state-of-the-art audio equipment, and even comes with a licensed copy of Windows 11. For those who have the money, not bad if you want to play PC games in the palm of your hand.

What about Steam Deck?
Valve promises to start shipping Steam Deck to those who bought it in February. The handset is a little cheaper than the most basic model of Onexplayer Mini.

In all, there will be three models with different storages and prices: eMMC of 64 GBs for US$ 399, SSD of 256 GB for US$ 529 (R$ 2,700) and SSD of 512 GB for US$ 649 (R$ 3,3mil). It is worth mentioning that all Steam Deck will have high-speed microSD card entry.

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