Twitch: Streamers can ban users from watching their streams

by Jerry

Twitch this week announced the launch of the tool for streamers to ban users from watching its live streams. The feature will arrive for all users in the coming days. The news was announced in Patch Notes, a monthly video in which Twitch announces new functions on the platform.

To date, creators on the platform can only ban users from commenting on chats. This measure did not please the streamers, who wanted another method to prevent “mala users” from continuing to access their lives. And the request was finally granted — but it has several “porens.”

Users may be banned from watching live streams
Set to arrive in September, the tool will ban users from watching live streams on Twitch — only. Let’s explain it well from here: whoever is blocked by the content creator will be able to continue consuming the content that is saved after the live (VOD), clips and “best moments” (highlights).

And yes, as you may have suspected, the ban is only valid when the user is logged into your account. Anyone who logs out of the profile or opens an incognito window can normally watch the broadcast of the streamer who blocked it.

In Patch Notes, it was explained that Twitch has plans to release a block based on the banned user’s IP. However, the live streaming platform has not given a timeline for when this will reach content creators. The company will also solve, in the future, the “problem” of banned users continuing to access VODs, clips and highlights.

The ban tool can be used by both the streamer and chat administrators. Importantly, the “ban hammer” of following the streams also blocks the possibility of using the chat.

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