LG G4c: soon a "compact" version of the LG G4 for less than 300 euros?

by Jerry

The announcement of the week in the smartphone market was undoubtedly that of the LG G4. The Korean has unveiled its new flagship, which appears as an improved LG G3.

The new flagship, like its predecessor, has a 5.5-inch screen, which is not necessarily to everyone's taste. To appeal to users who are more likely to like smaller screens, the firm is already preparing a compact version of its star smartphone.

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It is the Site Pocketdroid that reveals this information, to be taken with tweezers at the moment. The site claims to have discovered a new product of the LG brand referenced under the name LG G4c on a Dutch site. The "C" could mean "Compact."

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It would not be a surprise if the Korean offers a smaller version of its LG G4. Even though the trend is towards ever larger screens, many users are still adept at smaller, one-handed formats.

Especially since for its previous flagships, the brand had already marketed mini versions of its LG G2 and LG G3. According to Pocketdroid, the LG G4c would be marketed under the 300 euro mark.

On this point, we will have the greatest reservations. The LG G4 was marketed at a higher price than the LG G3 when it was released, so it would be surprising if the compact version had such an attractive price.

Unless in addition to reducing the LG format has decided to also revise the technical sheet downwards for this LG G4c. It will not be until May 12, the supposed date of the announcement of this LG G4c, to learn more about this point since no information about the characteristics of the smartphone has been revealed.

Are you more of a big guy who follows the big-screen trend, or are you a fan of compact formats?


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