Xbox One X: Powerful console becomes portable for 2000 euros

by Jerry

The Xbox One X is the most powerful home console on the market. It has only been released for two months, but a moddeur has already transformed it into a portable version. Thus, the 4K console can be transported anywhere, just like the Nintendo Switch. The difference, however, is its power supply, since the Xbox One X portable must always be plugged into the sector. But also at its price, because the custom machine costs 2000 euros!

The Xbox One X is the best console in the world, quite simply! With its 8-core processor and 6 teraflops graphics card, it allows a real 4K quality display. Its only flaw, if one can consider it to be, is to be sedentary. Indeed, unlike the audacious Nintendo Switch that can be taken anywhere, the Xbox One X is a home console, only. A moddeur has therefore declined the console in portable version.

Xbox One X comes in a portable version

The Eddie Zarick moddeur has a habit of tinkering with new consoles on the market and customizing them. And he publishes the results of his impressive experiences on his Youtube channel. So, on December 29, he released a particular video, which fundamentally transforms Microsoft's latest console. Re-bagred the Xbook One X, the home console becomes a gaming laptop. To do this, he used a custom case to offer more portability to the console. But it is still very large, compared to a laptop!

Eddie Zarick has also added a screen to his console. This is a 21.5-inch Sonic View in 1080p. The advantage is that it packs built-in speakers. Five buttons on the front of the console allow you to adjust the image and sound produced by the LCD screen. However, this screen does not support the console's 4K 60 FPS. So the moddeur added an HDMI port to the back of his Xbook One X to display the image on a 4K screen. A physical keyboard also appears on top of the console.

Indeed, the moddeur considers it much more convenient to navigate through the parameters of the system. But also to type messages faster than with the virtual keyboard of the console. And the whole system requires only one power outlet! Unfortunately, the Xbox One X is a very greedy console, so it's impossible to add a battery. That's why it always needs to be plugged into area to be used. But to get this little gem, you have to pay about 2000 euros, excluding postage!

Is the Xbook One X is worth the cost?

The Xbox One X console is as powerful as a 1300 euro PC. So, if you add a good screen, a keyboard and above all a complete customization of the machine, finally this impressive price seems rather justified … even if, in fact, the Xbox One X costs "only" 499 euros! Discover the presentation of the Xbook One X by its creator, the moddeur Eddie Zarick.

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