Nintendo Switch: microSD cards will be essential until 2019

by Jerry

The Nintendo Switch and its players won't be able to do without microSD cards until 2019. Indeed, the Nintendo Switch only benefits from 32GB of internal memory. This is very small because players have to systematically download additional content for the games they buy, as Nintendo's game cartridges don't have enough space! Big N had announced the arrival of 64GB cartridges by the end of 2018. However, the firm retracts its statements and announces an exit in 2019.

Nintendo and the Switch had a record year. In less than a year of existence, the Nintendo Switch has sold better than the Wii U… since its launch! It must be recognized that after testing, the Nintendo Switch is bold! But it is not free of defects. Its internal memory is limited to 32GB, which is very insufficient to install multiple games, even when purchased on cartridge. So, impossible to do without microSDmemory cards, which must of course buy in addition. Nintendo plans to release 64GB game cartridges to declutter the Switch's internal memory. But they won't arrive until 2019.

Nintendo Switch: microSD cards will be essential until 2019

Exclusive or Nintendo Switch-based games lack space! Indeed, the 32GB of storage memory of the console is very insufficient. When installing a physical game on the Switch, it will almost always require a download of additional data. For example, the installation of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, voted Game Awards game of the year, requires a further download of more than 13GB of data! As for FIFA 2018 and Skyrim, they need 15GB of space to settle.

Currently, the only solution for players is to extend the Switch's storage memory with a microSD card. Unfortunately, games can't take up less space, and video game developers have no alternative to offer. Indeed, the memory of cartridges supplied by Nintendo is too limited! Thus, most Switch games use 8GB cartridges, or even 16GB. The largest cartridges available have a memory of 32GB, but they are still very rare. For comparison, the Blu-Ray discs used by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are 50GB.

Nintendo had announced for 2018 the release of 64GB game cartridges, in order to reduce the need for a microSD card in the console, and the additional downloads required. Earlier this year, Nintendo even teamed up with Western Digital to create 64GB and 128GB microSD cards exclusive to the Switch.

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