A new MacBook Pro coming from Apple?

by Jerry

Apple never stops. While the Apple brand has just presented the new software that will make us happy in the fall, with Apple Intelligence in the lead, the Cupertino company is already preparing the sequel.

If a conference is logically to be held in September, it will focus on the iPhone and Apple Watch. These products have historically been renewed every year, allowing users to take advantage of small software and hardware updates every 12 months.

But in the shadow of this annual event, Apple will also hold another less-attended conference in November. It was during the latter, in 2020, that Apple presented the first Macs with Apple Silicon chips.

Also this year, the bitten apple should take advantage of this event to present a new MacBook Pro model. According to analyst Ross Young, Apple is increasingly thinking about marketing a MacBook Pro with an M4 chip.

The Cupertino company has already introduced this processor at the heart of its latest iPad Pro, so its arrival on the MacBook Pro is more than logical and expected by many users. According to another Apple expert, journalist Mark Gurman, Apple could refresh its MacBook Pro lineup in the fall, just like the Mac mini.

In detail, Apple could present three versions of its MacBook Pro, and two for the Mac mini. Gurman explains that these shades should be on the side of the chip used in computers. Entry-level models will be entitled to the same M4 processor as the iPad Pro.

Gurman adds that more devices are expected to be updated by Apple in 2025. This is especially true for the MacBook Air, Mac Studio, or Mac Pro. These three machines could benefit from the arrival of the M4 chip in various versions.

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