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Created in 2008, this site for the illegal download of series, movies, games and music titles is closing its doors. The hearings took place and, despite the threat of the authorities, it is not for this reason that the administrators decided to stop their activity.

The end of an era. Before the arrival of streaming platforms, many internet users turned to pirate torrent sites. Although it is now possible to discover recent movies and series, as well as specially designed ones on SVOD services, illegal download sites have been no less visited. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s time to say stop and close the page of a book to start a new one. This is the choice made by the administrators of RARBG, launched in 2008 and considered the 4th largest pirate site on the web.
Users especially liked it for its exclusive content when it came to the latest releases of movies, music, series, games, and TV shows. The site then specialized in high-quality content in the English language and attracted an international audience.

Of course, like other pirate torrent sites, RARBG was in the crosshairs of the authorities.

here's the reason:

This is The last two years have been very difficult for us – some of the people in our team have died from Covid complications, others are still suffering from side effects – and they are completely unable to work. Others are fighting in the war in Europe”

Since their closure, more than 267,000 magnet links linked to illegal content shared on the RARBG site have been leaked. A user of the GitHub platform says he got his hands on it and offers you to find content previously hosted on the site. While it’s possible that some of them really lead to the content you’re looking for, others may direct you to dubious sites that can lead to viruses and hacking attempts. However, we advise you to be careful and not to click on it.

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