Volkswagen ID.3, with the restyling will come the GTX version

by Jerry

Volkswagen seems to be working on restyling its electric ID.3. Apparently, however, the restyling will not only introduce some tweaks to the aesthetics of the car as it will also bring the GTX version to its debut. We are talking, therefore, of a more performing model, characterized by the presence of a double electric motor and all-wheel drive. It is a highly anticipated version and of which the German brand had already spoken in the past, confirming its future arrival, without, however, providing particular details.

Confirmation that the ID.3 GTX will be launched with the restyling of the ID.3 comes from an AutoExpress report citing a statement by automaker spokesman Martin Hube on the sidelines of the ID.5’s unveiling in Austria. It is, of course, a very interesting news even if certain times are not yet there. In fact, we don’t know exactly when Volkswagen will introduce the restyling of its ID.3. Definitely not in 2022. It is possible, however, that it may arrive during 2023.

Surely there will be a way to learn more about the GTX version and the restyling of the electric over the next few months.

At the 2021 Munich Motor Show, Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter confirmed that the ID.3, in the future, would also be offered in the more powerful GTX version. Recall that the GTX brand identifies the best performing Volkswagen electric models. Currently, the manufacturer offers the ID.4 GTX and the ID.5 GTX.

The automaker has not anticipated details about the powertrain that will be used on the ID.3 GTX. There will certainly be a double electric motor and all-wheel drive but the powertrain will not be the one seen inside the Volkswagen ID.X concept car capable of delivering 245 kW.

Most likely, the choice will fall on the dual 220 kW (299 hp) engine already used on both the ID.4 GTX and the ID.5 GTX. On SUV models this powertrain allows very interesting performance. Since the ID.3 is smaller and lighter than the ID.4 and ID.5, thanks to the increased power it could be really fun to drive.

So, all those who are waiting for a more performing version of the ID.3, in the future will be satisfied.

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