FTC Hearing Confirms Microsoft Wants to Bring Windows to the Cloud

by Jerry

During the hearing on the merger between Activision and Microsoft, a document was revealed confirming the plans of Bill Gates’ company to turn Windows into a cloud-based operating system. The information came from a confidential Big Tech presentation, which was leaked in the last few hours.

However, there is not much surprise regarding the company’s plans. For a long time, Microsoft has been developing cloud-based services dependent on an internet connection. For example, the Redmond company owns a Windows 365, cloud PC for enterprise and has announced job openings for the development of the version of this service for consumers.

Windows 11 in the cloud will be different from cloud PC Windows 365
While Windows 365 is a cloud PC for business, allowing employees to access a computer through Mac, Linux or another Windows device, the idea of Windows 11 in the cloud is to cheapen access to the operating system.

With a cloud-based version, users and manufacturers of laptops and desktops will save on the license, as Windows 365 for consumers is likely to be a subscription service—not purchased once.

Another factor that reinforces this idea is the rebranding of the Office suite to Microsoft 365, reflecting its focus on subscription services and ending sales of physical licenses. You can even find the bundle in physical versions or one-time purchase, but Microsoft is pushing the subscription version when you go to the Windows 365 website.

“By table,” Windows 11 in the cloud will also cheapen devices. Because it runs in the cloud, laptops and desktop PCs won’t need powerful hardware—and neither will TPM 2.0. Computer makers will be able to release products with basic hardware, delivering the “minimal” performance to run the Windows launcher — and of course, good Wi-Fi.

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