Twitter limits accounts for spam, but users say they have done nothing wrong

by Jerry

Several Twitter accounts received, on Tuesday (27), a notification about violation of policies against spam. According to the message, the punishment would be to be blocked from liking or retweeting tweets for three days, as well as following other people. Users claim not to have violated any norms or deviated from their usual behavior on the network.

Many of the accounts that received the warning had no real limitations—the like, retweet, and follow features continue to function normally despite the notification.

Some, however, are being prevented from doing so. When you try, a warning appears that the “request appears to be automated” and that the action cannot be completed. Others say the RTs and likes disappear after a while.

The affected users say they have done nothing wrong, not even different from the usual use of their accounts.

Twitter’s anti-spam policies prohibit mass registration of accounts, use automation to create them, artificially inflate followers or engagements, and misuse network functions to harm other people’s experience.

For now, Twitter has not commented on the matter, neither on its official account nor on its support and security pages. The social network has disabled your email communication with the press, so it is not possible to request more information.

Twitter has had technical problems in recent months
Apparently, the notifications were a bug. This is not the first case of such problems on the platform in recent months.

In April, users noticed that tweets intended for the Wheel were appearing to other users and even being recommended in the “For You” tab. The Wheel is a shortlist of friends, similar to Instagram’s Close Friends. The cause of the incident was a security issue.

Other people complained that even though they blocked or muted an account, their tweets kept showing up in recommendations.

Before that, notifications for likes, retweets, and replies were flawed, and some users simply stopped receiving them.

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