Spotify may finally launch Supremium plan with high-fidelity audio

by Jerry

Spotify has long said it was preparing a subscription with high-fidelity audio. This plan seems to be closer to being launched, finally. Domestically, it’s called Supremium and should reach markets outside the U.S. first. And, of course, it will be more expensive.

The information was obtained by a Bloomberg report. According to the publication, Spotify delayed the launch of the plan with hi-fi audio after moves in the competition.

Apple Music and Amazon Music have put lossless, lossless music into their basic plans at no additional cost.

The music services of Apple and Amazon cost, respectively, $ 15,99 and $ 4,59 monthly.

Deezer also has the feature and charges $ 4,80 per month.

Reached by Bloomberg, Spotify declined to comment.

Costs postponed launch
The new information corroborates a March 2023 news story. At the time, Gustav Söderström, co-president of Spotify, confirmed that the plan with hi-fi audio was coming.

In a podcast, he said changes in the industry prevented the feature from being launched.

“We’re going to launch in a way that makes sense to us and to our listeners. The industry has changed, and we’ve had to adapt,” he said.

Söderström explained what this adaptation would be: money.

The plan with high-fidelity audio represents a higher cost for Spotify, especially in relation to contracts with labels and record labels.

The co-chair said he could not give further details about those agreements.

In October 2022, a survey conducted in the U.S. suggested that a Spotify Platinum plan would cost $19.99, double the amount charged by Premium in the country.

Spotify Premium will have audiobooks in the US
While hi-fi audio doesn’t arrive, another novelty is on its way to the package: audiobooks.

According to information obtained by Bloomberg, narrated works will be available to Spotify subscribers in the U.S. starting in October.

They may be limited, but it is not known if it will be by playtime or number of titles. In some markets, Spotify already sells audiobooks individually.

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