Nvidia CEO says he won’t abandon gamers

by Jerry

When Nvidia began the sequence of announcements of its technologies for artificial intelligence and high-performance computing, gamers were left with a question: Will the company leave desktop GPUs aside? At Computex 2023, Jensen Huang said no — and was “hurt” by the question.

Huang told Gordon Ung, editor of PC World, that the gaming audience remains relevant to Nvidia. To prove this, the Jensen jacket (nickname given by a part of the public) recalled that the first AI developed by the company, the DLSS, was for gamers. And that without artificial intelligence there would be no ray tracing in real time.

Nvidia CEO Hurt by Question About Company’s Focus
Joking with Ung, Jensen Huang said he was “deeply hurt” by the question about Nvidia’s focus. The company’s founding CEO, both of whom have grown increasingly wealthy in recent days, further commented that Nvidia’s first application of generative AI is ACE, which will allow NPCs to develop natural dialogues — even though the demo is similar to any Skyrim NPC.

Indirectly, Jensen stated that artificial intelligence is the cornerstone of RTX GPUs, released in 2020. Responding that DLSS was the first AI created by Nvidia, the company’s CEO stated that deep learning technology is the cornerstone of the RTX series.

While the gaming public is worried about whether or not it will be abandoned by Nvidia, the company has reached a capitalization of $1 trillion. With the new announcements of AI and high-performance computing, the company has become the first chipmaker to reach this market value. Now, Nvidia has become a peer to Apple, Aramco, Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft — the latter two are its customers.
If the winning team doesn’t move, we can draw a parallel with “company that’s making a profit won’t lose money.” Today, Nvidia generates revenue from gamers and AI. It won’t let RTXs go — not least because gamers aren’t paying cheap.

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