With Wristcam from the Apple Watch even video calls, but you can not buy it

by Jerry

Wristcam is an accessory for Apple Watch little known in our parts, but it has existed for a long time. The reason is simple: despite being launched in late 2020, it has never been distributed in Europe. Unfortunately, someone would say, because the idea is interesting. Wristcam is a band for Apple’s smartwatch with two cameras, one 2 megapixel facing the wearer, the other 8 megapixel instead frames everything else.

The accessory is back in the news because the company has just announced an update that will allow you to make video calls. Wristcam is in fact independent of the Apple Watch: it has its own battery for a declared autonomy of one day, connects to Wi-Fi to download firmware updates such as the one coming, and, in fact, has cameras (provided by Sony) that the Apple Watch simply does not have (and will not have, at least not until 2024).

Previously they were used to take photos and record videos, now instead you can make video calls to other Wristcam users or to those who have installed the company’s app on the iPhone, which is not even free to say. It is, it is evident, an important novelty, because in fact it will allow some to totally do without the iPhone in several circumstances, especially to those who own the Apple Watch variant with LTE connectivity.

And here it is now more justifiable the high price at which it is proposed in the USA: 299 dollars for the standard variant, 399 dollars for the limited edition in the Sage color that is very reminiscent of the analogue of Pixel 5, if you remember. Wristcam has no negligible size but weighs just 23 grams, has an 8 GB internal memory to store photos and videos and is IP68 certified to resist, like Apple Watch, dust and diving. Who knows that one day it will not be distributed also in our parts: for the moment those interested will have to get one in other ways.

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