Apple Watch Series 7 is up to 55% cheaper than launch price

by Jerry

Buying apple’s smartwatch may not come cheap at a launch, but if you’re in the class waiting for a new model to arrive to buy the old one, you can already guarantee a cool economy: the Apple Watch Series 7 is already coming out for less than half the launch price!

The GPS model of 41 mm with aluminum body and sports bracelet is for $ 2.789,99 at sight with the possibility of free shipping in Magazine Luiza. If you want the version with 4G, in the Fast Shop there is an offer for R $ 3.099, which can be reduced to $ 2.913,06 at the sight in pix with cashback of 6% zoom on Monday.

For those who prefer the larger model with 45 mm, you can buy it in Kabum for R $ 3.219 in view in pix. The variant that includes GPS + 4G is available for R$ 3,299 in the Fast Shop, but using the Zoom cashback you can decrease the final value to R$ 3,101.06 at the view in pix.

? How do I enable Zoom cashback?
Before making the purchase you must first log in to your Zoom account, otherwise you will not receive any money back for your purchases.

After you make the payment, your cashback is calculated and after 30 days of product delivery the amounts are available for you to withdraw to your bank account and use them as you please.

In doubt, be sure to look at our article on how Zoom cashback works, where we explain in detail everything you need to know.

⌚ Does it pay to buy the Apple Watch Series 7?
Although not the generation of the year, the Apple Watch Series 7 is still very current, with several of its specifications simply identical to the most recently released product.

Among the similarities, we continue with the same design and sizes in the body of the product. The always active screen with OLED panel, Ion-X glass and up to 1,000 nits of brightness follows the same. Resistance to dust and water up to 50 meters deep has not changed. And the battery with up to 18 hours of life is still present.

With that, the only new features are the S8 processor, Bluetooth 5.3, body temperature sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer enhancements for car accident detection, as well as refinement in sleep monitoring.

Such novelties do not represent a significant big evolutionary leap, which allows you to save good money by opting for the previous generation, especially with these discounts that we found just above.


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