Elgato announces first 4K webcam at 60 frames, but it’s not cheap

by Jerry

The webcam revealed on Wednesday (2) stands out for the possibility of shooting in 4K. But unlike other models, the accessory does not record only at 30 qps. On the contrary: it is possible to capture images with 60 qps, being the first on the market to bring this specification, with the aid of sony’s 1/1.8 inch sensor.

Check out the list of supported resolutions:

2160p to 60 qps;
2160p to 30 qps;
1080p to 60 qps;
1080p to 30 qps;
720p to 60 qps;
720p to 30 qps.

But his glory never ceases there. The Facecam Pro also offers manual controls to adjust the image through the Camera Hub. According to the manufacturer, this allows you to adjust the angle of capture, contrast, saturation, ISO, shutter speed and even the white balance before even making the recordings.

All this device is stored in the camera’s internal memory. So you don’t have to adjust the settings when using the device again. The webcam, however, has no built-in microphone, just like the conventional Facecam.

The Facecam Pro attribute list gathers other highlights. This is the case of the lens with focal length of 21 mm, f/2 aperture and eight elements. In addition, users can use both automatic and manual focus when making recordings, unlike traditional editing, which has fixed focus.

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