Nintendo Switch Online: paid online service expected by the end of 2018

by Jerry

The Nintendo Switch will have a paid online service, which is expected by the end of 2018 according to a leak from Nintendo Italy. The subscription to the online service was due to be operational by the end of 2017 and was pushed back to the first quarter of 2018. It would not finally land until next fall.

The Nintendo Switch's paid online service may not arrive until the fall of 2018. It was the official website of Nintendo Italy that announced it in error, as evidenced by a screenshot taken by WCCFTech to be found at the end of the article. Since then, the blunder has been corrected to replace the word "autumn 2018" with a much more vague "2018".

Switch's paid online service not until the end of 2018?

It remains to be seen what kind of error this is. Was Nintendo Italy simply wrong, or did it share for lack of attention a very truthful information that had to remain hidden? Autumn 2018 seems a long way off when the online paid service was originally scheduled to launch in the fall of 2017 after a trial with Splatoon 2.

Nintendo had then lowered the release date for early 2018 by remaining evasive and unclear on the subject. The price of the Nintendo Switch Online subscription was expected to be 19.99 euros per year (3.99 euros for one month and 7.99 euros for three months), far more affordable rates than Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus. But unlike the latter, it is difficult to see Nintendo offering games for free to its subscribers, it is not really part of the politics of the house.

Huge success, the Switch is the best-selling product on Black Friday 2017. Many Nintendo consoles must have ended up under the Christmas tree. If a worldwide outage occurred on the eShop on December 25th and was a small shad, the popularity and reputation of the hybrid console is no longer to be proven.

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