Xbox One: Microsoft has "released the checkbook" to reclaim exclusives in 2018

by Jerry

The Xbox One lacks exclusivity, Microsoft could fix it in 2018. The American publisher has reportedly "taken out the checkbook" to offer itself several exclusives, be it big productions or less ambitious games. 2018 could be a turning point for the Xbox game catalog in its war against PlayStation. Microsoft had already hit hard at the end of 2017 by getting the excluded console from PUBG.

Xbox exclusives are coming! Microsoft has reportedly decided to invest to offer a catalog of games making PS4 owners jealous. Rather than developing these Xbox-exclusive titles itself, the American publisher would have opted for another strategy and made a significant investment to develop partnerships with other studios.

Microsoft wants more exclusives on Xbox

"Without saying too much, I know for sure that Microsoft has released its checkbook and is actively looking for both small and big games that they can recover in Xbox exclusives, whether for a limited time or permanent," shared a developer of the Danish independent studio Flashbulb Games on the ResetERA forum. What is the reason to buy an Xbox One X, the "best console in the world"?

This strategy came to fruition at the end of 2017 with the arrival of PUBG on the Xbox via an exclusive console partnership. While the Royal Battle game is expected to eventually land on PS4 or switch (the developers have never closed the door), no date has been announced and Microsoft may well retain exclusivity for very long months.

The catalogue of games on Xbox One disappoints fans somewhat when historically Microsoft managed to stand out in this field. The cult licenses Halo and Fable, for example, have made the console's reputation. And it's a good thing, rumors about the current development of Fable 4 are coming back in recent weeks. Former programmer at Lionhead Studios, Don Williamson posted a tweet that he has since deleted saying: "I know who is developing Fable 4 now […] Interesting choice." This could be Playground Studios (Forza Horizon). The return of the cult RPG to Xbox?

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