Nintendo Switch: the new firmware interface 5.0.0 leaked in a video

by Jerry

The Nintendo Switch should soon benefit from a brand new interface thanks to firmware 5.0.0. A video shows the arrival of folders, themes and a voice chat system. The arrival of a major new version of the OS for console is rather a good surprise: Nintendo had so far announced nothing. However, it is impossible to know exactly when players will really be able to enjoy it.

A firmware 5.0.0 for the Nintendo Switch? The last major version of the Nintendo Switch System Software was just october 19, 2017, we're still in version 4.1.0, and Nintendo hasn't announced anything yet. And yet it is quite credible, provided you count the months that have so far separated the release of the firmware of the Nintendo Switch: between version 2.0.0 (first version of the firmware) and version 3.0.0, only four months had indeed passed.

Between version 3.0.0 and version 4.0.0, the wait was only a little less than five months. It's Tuesday, January 9th, about four months after the release of firmware 4.0.0 – so we can assume that the work around the next major version, version 5.0.0, is already very advanced.

Nintendo Switch: firmware 5.0.0 leaked in video

The video you will see at the end of the article gives substance to this hypothesis: we can see a new firmware turning on the console, presented as the firmware 5.0.0. The user, an anonymous whose video has been reuploaded several times (Nintendo seems not to appreciate too much), shows some major new features compared to the current firmware. The first big difference is the ability to rearrange your games and apps on the home screen, creating folders.

Later in the video, we discover that it is possible to apply themes to the interface that radically change its appearance – here with Zelda Breath of The Wild.  We can also see under the chosen theme the mention Theme shop, sign that Nintendo never loses the north. Let's hope they won't be too expensive, and/or that it will be possible at least to create your own custom themes. Finally, there is also the new possibility of creating voice chatrooms – with your friends on Switch but also presumably from an iOS/Android app.

In short so many features that seem to justify the transition from a version 4 to a version 5. Of course, for the moment, only a cluster of clues can judge the authenticity of the images that will follow. It will therefore be necessary to arm yourself with a little patience to confirm it, but if we actually start to see this kind of leaks, the release of the new firmware is undoubtedly imminent. What do you expect from a new firmware 5.0.0? Let's continue the discussion in the comments of this article!

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