Nintendo Switch: nearly 1 million units sold in France, it surpasses the PS4 and the…

by Jerry

The Nintendo Switch has conquered France with nearly 1 million copies sold surpassing the PS4 and even the Wii, Big N is largely satisfied with its commercial success in France. The hybrid game console seduces by its originality, you can take it everywhere or just play quietly in its living room in front of its TV with the base provided with the device. That's not all, the franchises exclusive to the console also contribute to its notoriety.

According to Nintendo, the Switch is the best-selling console of all time! That's all it is. In fact, 4.8 million machines were sold by U.S. consumers in just 10 months. The home console and nomadic at the same time attracts a lot, its original concept seduces the general public. Our test of the Nintendo Switch highlighted some of its qualities. In France, the situation seems the same according to the figures revealed by Challenges. The console is a real hit in the hexagon.

Nintendo Switch: better than PS4 and Wii with nearly 1 million units sold

The exact figure is 911,000 copiessold,"this is the best launch for a console in France"according to Philippe Lavoue, CEO of Nintendo France. The Wii and PS4 in their time achieved a score of 703,000 and 650,000 sales respectively during the year of their commercial launch. The firm has reason to be proud of its success, for the record we are talking about 10 million Nintendo Switch sold around the globe in just 9 months.

Nintendo plans to sell $100 million in the future. Regarding the games, we are talking about 512,000 units of Super Mario Odyssey sold since October 2017, 508,000 units of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and 410,000 units for Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The end-of-year 2017 holiday periods were conducive to the apparently excellent sales. The console continues to evolve on the software level also since we were able to see the firmware 5.0.0 of the Switch during a video published on the web. Nintendo wants to continue to expand its console to further expand its customer base throughout 2018.

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