The LG G4 makes its debut in the Guiness Book of Records!

by Jerry

The LG G4, announced some time ago now is available since the beginning of the month at most distributors. LG does not skimp on ways to promote its high-end smartphone, which is distinguished by its leather design and a particularly powerful camera.

A new product means communication operations. And what better way than to appear in the Guiness Book of Records so you don't get forgotten. The LG G4 has indeed beaten a Guiness World Record, in the field of photography.

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It was in Mexico City that LG managed to break a world record with its LG G4 on June 13th. The Guiness World Record is the most selfie taken in a row. In Mexico City, at Chapultepec Castle exactly where the National History Museum is located, no less than 2500 people gathered for the event.

The previous record for selfies taken in a row was held by the Galaxy A3 and A5 with 531 selfies in 2 hours. LG broke this record with its LG G4 since in Mexico City, 746 selfies were taken over the same time frame. Such a number is equivalent to one photo every ten seconds.

Such a record obviously sounds like a nice communication operation but it does not detract from the quality of the LG G4. During our test, we were clearly seduced by the device. Moreover, its 8-megapixel front sensor is probably the best on the market.

So, certainly, if we compare this LG G4 to the LG G3, the latest flagship takes the good ingredients of its big brother and improves some points. But after all, that's kind of what all manufacturers do, right?


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