LG G4: sales forecasts already revised downwards!

by Jerry

Announced at the end of April and launched at the beginning of the month, the LG G4 is a prime alternative to the flagships of the moment. Yet, just a fortnight after its release, Korean analysts are already starting to revise their estimates downwards. According to them, the Company’s profits in the second quarter of 2015 would be almost twice as much as they originally expected

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The LG G4 and its elegant leather back.

Initially, analysts estimated that LG could sell 8 million units of its latest flagship by the end of the year, or 2.6 million per quarter. However, LG would have shipped less than 2.5 million units and the actual sales of the device would still be lower than this figure. By comparison, the LG G3 sold 5.8 million units in 2014.

Faced with this observation, Korean analytics firms believe that LG will not achieve the profits initially expected in the second quarter of 2015. Daishin Securities reduced its forecast from $92.3 million to $50.7 million and Korea Investment and Securities from $104 million to $61 million, and according to Business Korea, this reduction is directly related to the LG G4's sales performance.

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It's a shame when you consider that in the first quarter of 2015, LG recorded $66 million in profits while the LG G4 was not even out yet. on the other hand, it must be admitted that despite the improvements it offers, especially in the camera that has nothing to envy that of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the device is sold at a high price.

Moreover, its larger size than the G3, with equivalent screen size is likely to put off more than one and it is not impossible that some potential consumers see the Snapdragon 808 as a backup solution.

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