LG G4: users offer 2000 dollars to whoever finds the method for root…

by Jerry

Developers, to your keyboards! Well, if you're interested in a small cheque for $2000, of course. Users of the LG G4 offer this nice sum to whoever finds the method to root the latest flagship of Korean.

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It was on the developer forum XDA that the offer was published. A group of users of the LG G4 would absolutely like to root the last flagship of Korean. And they are ready to get their hands on the wallet to reward whoever finds the magic method.

Specifically, a dozen users are looking for the root method for the Verizon and AT-T versions of the LG G4 that are deemed to be the most difficult to crack. In fact, users would like two things: the method for rooting the device and the method for unlocking the bootloader.

For root, users are willing to pay $2205. For unlocking the bootloader the reward is lower but still nice: 1485 dollars. If anyone finds the two sesames, they can pocket a total of 3690 dollars! Not bad, right?

So if you find the method, there are still certain conditions to touch the pactole: first you have to be the first to propose a method. Then you have to create a topic on the forum that explains your method as well as a step-by-step and all the instructions for it to work.

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Then a user will have to follow these same instructions to make sure that everything is working perfectly. If this is the case you can pocket your reward. So if you're a developer, this is a great opportunity to win a nice little sum.

Before you get to work, we strongly advise you to go to the XDA post that explains the way forward in detail. At your keyboards, we'd be proud if a frenchie stands out among developers around the world.


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