LG G5: an impressive modular design with removable sliding battery

by Jerry

The LG G5 should make its arrival with a new design. The Korean seems to have yielded to the all-metal trend. However, unlike its competitors, it should not deprive its customers of the traditional removable battery and seems to reserve us some surprises.

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The old prototype.

While the official presentation of the LG G5 seems to be becoming clearer for the month of February, here are eyewitnesses claiming to have seen the beast are showing up today to make some revelations. We learn that in addition to offering a 100% metal design,the next Korean flagship would inaugurate a modular design.

Last month, the very serious American website Venturebeat evoked the mysterious magical ports of the LG G5. Today, there is talk that these are intended to connect modules such as a removable battery, a camera, an audio amp and a physical keyboard. A concept that is reminiscent of that of Google's Project Ara.

As for the removable battery,it would actually be accessible via a sliding drawer, as on the concept below. The design of the phone would be very unibody.

The new prototype.

According to the same sources, the volume buttons would eventually be moved to the left. A "Home" button would house the fingerprint reader and a dual photo sensor would be found on the back. A rumor that is not new and that will, once again, improve the photo part of the phone, as is the case every year.

So many small new features that should make the difference, when combined with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 processor and the 5.3-inch Quad HD display expected on board. Note, however, that manufacturers are used to producing several different prototypes. We will have to wait for the presentation of the phone to find out if this modular design has been retained.


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