LG: a mysterious curved smartphone concept animates the web

by Jerry

While the LG G5 was introduced less than a fortnight ago, Evleaks yesterday unveiled a curved smartphone concept on which is present an interface that is that of the Korean manufacturer. A disturbing image reminiscent of an LG patent discovered at the end of January.

While the caption "You can keep your LG G5 or S7, I'm the test of the future" sets the tone, the hashtag #POLED tells us about on-board screen technology. As you can see, the screen covers all the slices of the device and probably also the back. A form factor similar to that of an LG curved smartphone patent discovered at the end of January.

Unlike traditional slabs, POLED screens have the distinction of being folded without breaking. They are therefore very robust and perfectly suited for this type of device, once the technology has mastered. LG has been working on POLED screens for several years.

In mid-December, it was discovered that LG planned to abandon the G Flex range and replace it with new, more innovative flexible screen smartphones. The patent discovered less than two months ago and this futuristic concept posted by Evleaks already suggests what kind of device the Korean manufacturer could offer instead, even if nothing says that such a smartphone will be born.

It should also be noted that if the device in this first image carries the LG UX user interface, Evleaks posted another concept, a few hours later, of another smartphone a little different but totally borderless with a curved screen that joins three of the four edges of the device, all with an Android stock interface. Is this his way of saying that he finds the flagships of 2016 unnovating or is he trying to make us understand that something is being prepared on the side of POLED screens?


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