7 reasons to fall for the LG G5 even without its modules

by Jerry

The LG G5 tempts you, but you don't know yet which points to choose? Let us give you 7 reasons to fall for the latest smartphone of the Korean manufacturer, which makes its strength against all others, even without its modules.

LG's next standard-bearer made a big splash at Mobile World Congress 2016, as it tries to come up with a relatively innovative concept: the ability to hang modules to boost its usefulness.

But this new ability is sometimes perplexing: does the phone need modules to be good? That's why today we offer 7 reasons to fall for the LG G5… And none of these reasons require you to have its accessories.

Number 1: Your camera doesn't need anything to be excellent

LG may have diluted the expectations of its camera by unveiling the LG Cam Plus accessory, suggesting that it is thanks to him that its future high-end smartphone acquires the best photo capabilities.

But in truth, it is not: with its dual sensor, the G5 has enough to make the competition shudder. We have a first 16-megapixel sensor with f/1.8 aperture that already tends to offer excellent performance, which is coupled with an 8-megapixel f/2.4 wide angle that allows you to really choose your plan.

And all this without losing the forces that already made the LG G4 one of the most respected photophones of 2015: the laser autofocus, the OIS and the Pro mode of the LG camera application allowing you to precisely adjust your photos.

Number 2: his performances don't need anything to be on top

Again, you'd think the modular design of the phone could spoil the party, but it's absolutely not. LG's latest flagship incorporates everything you'd expectfrom a high-end smartphone in 2016,and you don't need an extension for that.

A Snapdragon 820 clocked at 2.15GHz? It’s done. 4GB of RAM LPDDR4? Of course I do! Digital scanner? Built into the back. Quick charge? Quick Charge 3.0, yes sir. Mr. Marshmallow? That's the least I can do.

Even its USB Type C has the nerve to be more efficient than the rest, and for good reason: it is the only flagship supporting the STANDARD USB 3.0, giving transfer rates of an unparalleled speed.

Number 3: LG's first truly premium design

With its previous phones, the Korean manufacturer had a pricing policy making it not necessarily able to go into the greatest excesses for their designs. So he was trying to have a premium shape with less expensive materials,especially plastic but especially leather that will have divided.

But with the LG G5, the manufacturer intends to find a place in the sun of the high-end. This is why his body is made all metal and glass, and that his general feeling has been revised upwards including the placement of the control buttons of the phone.

Number 4: Battery remains removable

And it's not nothing: even if you're not attracted to the LG G5 modules, it's still that its construction means that you can remove the battery at any time to replace it. Either by a second already loaded, or simply if you damage it.

And it's not nothing: in a world where programmed obsolescence is king, having the opportunity to change a battery as soon as it shows signs of fatigue is a luxury. So, in a high-end smartphone and this without harming a unibody design, it's not nothing.

Number 5: support for micro SD cards

Although many high-end smartphones choose not to offer the support of the micro SD, thus pushing to spend a little more for a higher storage capacity, the LG G5 is equipped with an honest 32gb of basic storage and allows to add up to 200GB of storage via its micro SD port.

However, it would not support the Adoptive Storage launched with Android 6.0 Marshmallow which allows to merge internal storage and the SD card, but the ability to put even its photos and videos on an external map is already very welcome.

Number 6: a content format

Perhaps one of the changes that will have made the most noise in the Phonandroid community: LG's latest smartphone is not in a phablet format as before, but swaps its 5.5-inch screen for a 5.3-inch QHD Quantum Display.

We can of course see this change as a regression, but in a market where all high-end offers are now close to 5.5 inches, LG goes the other way by offering an innovative phone in a format perfectly suited for one-handed use.

No sacrifice of quality, but a design more focused on the practical side of the phone that must still be an everyday companion: this format is much more suited to the mentality behind the LG G5.

Number 7: Hidden Potential

The elephant in the room still needs to be addressed: yes, the LG G5 is a modular phone. We see here yet that it doesn't need these modules to be a great phone. So what happens if you buy it with the will not to participate in this movement?

So we have a phone that has a potential that no one else can claim at the moment. Not to subscribe to its modular will as soon as it is released is perfectly natural. But if LG were to release an accessory "must have" that really revolutionizes the phone … You'll be ready to welcome him in an instant.

What if you don't? You still have one of the best smartphones of 2016 in your possession. What does the people want? This aspect of evolution is not present on any other smartphone, and that's what makes all the charm of the LG G5 and its possible future success.

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