LG G5: a video made with the smartphone pales in comparison to the Galaxy S7

by Jerry

Our smartphones are now used as much to capture images briefly as to shoot real videos. The LG G5 has been tested for this purpose, but is clearly not up to the standard of the Galaxy S7 which can make a film properly.

The arrival of YouTube and the sudden vocations of content creator really made our smartphones the first cameras used by the general public,who have moved away from camcorders in favor of their phones to share their worldview on VOD platforms.

That's why the video capabilities of the next phones are more and more tested in a video context worked, not only on the realization but also the general atmosphere, the color retouching and so on. The English designer Armanda Ferreira shows us what he gets from the dual sensor of the LG G5:

The video is still entirely in 4K, and small bonus: half of it, the video maker offers us to see the same shots without any retouching in post-production of the image or sound. A great plus to estimate the actual capabilities of the LG G5 sensor.

But when faced with the ambient film made with the Galaxy S7 earlier, we can't help but think that it is at places of what its direct competitor can achieve in the Android universe that gave us the impression of actually watching a movie.

However, all this has to be put into perspective: at the moment, and the creator makes it clear on his channel, the device tested is only a pre-production unit and its software part is not yet finalized. The videos captured here are therefore not necessarily representative of what the final quality will be once the phone is released.

What's more, the retouching is not really comparable since it is totally subjective: tastes and colors are not discussed, and everyone will be sensitive in his own way to the changes made by each of the creators.

And then, after all, the presence of this accordionist in the video deserves many positive points… The first one quoting us which song plays the musician in commentary earns the absolute respect of the entire Phonandroid community, applied immediately!

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