LG G5 available for €699 from April

by Jerry

Update 18/03/2016: Our Korean colleagues from the Korea Herald quote LG to confirm a global release a little earlier as of March 31st. We will be on the lookout in case of a change, but on the face of it, the date is fast approaching.


The price of the LG G5 is finally known. It will be available for 699 euros starting in April, the same price as the Galaxy S7 in its 32GB version.

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If the LG G3 was launched at a price of 599 euros and the LG G4 at 649 euros, the price of the Annual flagship of the Korean company will increase by another 50 euros this year. The LG G5 is expected to be priced at 699 euros. LG, which has just made a real rise in the range with its next flagship which offers a 100% metal design and exclusive features is now in line with Samsung's prices.

Introduced yesterday in the early afternoon, the LG G5 is the first real modular smartphone. Below the device, there is a hatch that allows not only to access the removable battery but also to add different modules that willexpand its functionality.

The first two modules were announced yesterday, it is the LG Cam Plus, a photo module that will take control of the manual controls of the camera while the LG Hi-Fi Plus, designed in partnership with the subsidiary of Bang olufsen, will improve the sound quality of the phone.

Note that, for the time being, we do not yet know the prices of LG 360 Cam VR, 360 Cam and Rolling Bot accessories, nor the various modules presented alongside the phone. Let's hope they remain competitive knowing that this will be an expense that will be added to the purchase price of the next LG.

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