Xbox One X: The console is as powerful as a 1300-euro PC

by Jerry

Unveiled at E3 2017 by Microsoft, the Xbox One X is now the new power reference home console. The performance of the machine is no longer to be proven, the latter confirming today that it is even largely able to compete against a PC worth 1,300.

At this very moment, the 2017 edition of Gamescom, the famous video game show held every year in Cologne, Germany, is taking place. The event, which brings together the world's largest publishers and manufacturers, is the best part of getting valuable information about tomorrow's games and consoles.

Among all the contenders is of course the Xbox One X, Microsoft's future powerful home console. The machine, which carries a graphics card of 6 Teraflops and 12GB of RAM DDR5, delivers a power that is more than enough to run games in 4K at 60 fps. Crazy performance, similar to those of some PCs!

Xbox One X: a machine as powerful as a PC

The Xbox One X, which will be officially available on November 7th, promises to be as powerful as a PC with an average value of 1,300 euros as our colleagues from today. And to confirm the situation, these are based on the configurations required to run Forza 7 on PC.

From the view of the image below and if we refer to the column "Ultra Quality", we can see that the configurations necessary for the operation of Forza 7 on PC are very close to those of the Xbox One X. The only difference is that the future version of Redmond's firm will only be sold for 499 euros at its launch.

A clear gap, then, if we refer to the approximate price of the components mentioned in the attached table. It's about an Intel Core i7-6700K processor for $310, a SoC AMD Ryzen 7 at about $440, or the GTX 1080 and AMX RX Vega 64 graphics cards priced at $650 and $620 respectively.

Added to this are all the side-by-sides like the RAM, the hard drive and other devices that, put end to end, give a final price close to 1600$ or about 1360. This in itself remains an extremely high price to run Forza 7 under the same conditions as on Xbox One X. So there is no doubt that Microsoft offers a real racehorse, easily standing up to some PCs.

The choice should be made quickly on the side of gamers, who can already pre-order the console at a lower cost if they wish.

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