Nintendo Switch: PayPal marks its arrival in the Nintendo eShop

by Jerry

Good news for the happy Owners of Nintendo Switch consoles! It is now possible to go through the famous online bank PayPal to pay for its games from the Nintendo eShop. An efficient and secure payment method that should delight those who were reluctant to pay with their credit card.

Just like the PS4 with the PlayStation Store or the Xbox One with Xbox Live, the Nintendo Switch is also entitled to its place dedicated exclusively to purchases. This one is none other than the Nintendo eShop, a place where the millions of players who own the machine can buy games and content.

Until now, users had no choice but to make transactions through their credit cards or nintendo eShop Cards. This, logically, did not reassure some at a time when bank scams are more than common. Fortunately, a new means of payment is there to put an end to some doubts and this means has a name: PayPal.

Nintendo Switch: it is now possible to pay with PayPal

As of today, any user has the option to pay on the Nintendo eShop (Switch/3DS/Wii U) through the online bank PayPal. This new payment method, available once his account has been linked to his profile, is now possible on the audacious Nintendo Switch following an agreement with Big N.

The addition of this option sounds here as reassuring news for the owners of the machine, who can now buy and pay for their games and content quickly and safely. As Nintendo's statement shows:

We decided to adopt PayPal in order to offer a new method of payment simple and secure to visitors to the Nintendo eShop. By adding PayPal, which has more than 200 million accounts worldwide, Nintendo is now making it possible to offer its gaming experiences to more customers.

As for the process to link its Nintendo Switch account to PayPal, it's very simple:

  • select "PayPal" as a payment method when you want to add funds or purchase software on the Nintendo eShop
  • then select "Send an email" and then select "OK." A confirmation email is then sent to the email address associated with the Nintendo account
  • Click on the link provided in the email
  • then log into your Nintendo account and click "Link a PayPal account"
  • Then log into your account PayPal or create a new account PayPal
    Click "Accept and Continue" to validate PayPal policies
  • Once these steps are followed to the letter, you can wisely use PayPal in the Nintendo Store and the Nintendo eShop

Now all you have to do is discover and test this feature by purchasing a few items on the Nintendo eShop.

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