Nintendo Switch: a revolutionary Pokémon game in the works

by Jerry

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekaku Ishihara spoke about the future of Pokémon Go. The entrepreneur also revealed some details about the future Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch.

Last summer, the Pokémon Go phenomenon took the world by storm and pushed smartphone users of all generations to venture outside to capture Pokémon in augmented reality.

Even today, a year later, more than 65 million people use the app every month, and the app is among the 20 most lucrative in 2017. Last July, she even returned to the top spot for a week. Since its launch, Pokémon Go has grossed between $1.5 billion and $2 billion for Niantic, Pokémo Co. and Nintendo.

According to Tsunekaku Ishihara, CEO of the Pokémon Company, this is just the beginning. The businessman spoke about the future of the franchise with Bloomberg News, and says he has many plans for Pokémon on smartphones, but also on the hit Nintendo Switch console.

In the near future, new features will be implemented at Pokémon Go. As in the original games on portable console, it will soon be possible to exchange small monsters with other players, and to engage in duels in real time. This is the first time this information has been officially confirmed. Ishihara says Pokémon Go is only 10% of what Niantic and Nintendo are planning.

The firm also plans to solve problems related to Pokémon Go,such as having to fix your smartphone while walking, or massive gatherings of players in the event of the appearance of rare Pokémon that can be dangerous.

Nintendo says Pokémon Go project is only 10% of its potential

Alongside these plans for the future of Pokémon Go, Ishihara confirms that a Pokémon role-playing game is in development for the Nintendo Switch console. The firm plans to use the Switch's potential to create a deeper experience, with better graphics and a more elaborate soundtrack.

Similarly, unlike games offered on portable consoles, this game on Nintendo Switch will be able to offer a multiplayer approach to the Pokémon experience. The firm plans to market accessories to offer new interaction systems. This game is expected to be released in 2018.

Finally, Tsunekaku Ishihara also spoke about new technologies and what they could bring to Pokémon. According to him, thanks to the rise of augmented reality and platforms like Google ARCore or Apple ARKit, Pokémon Go will soon be much more realistic.

Pokémon will no longer just float on the screen in the middle of the scenery. They will be truly integrated into reality. For example, a Pikachu will be able to detect a table and jump on it, and its shadow will be displayed on the table realistically. The little yellow monster will be able to stare the player straight in the eye and address him.

Similarly, the CEO of the Pokemon Company is interested in the potential of voice assistants, such as the famous Google Home or the Apple Homepod. In his view, these devices could give rise to a new form of entertainment, and Pokémon games based on sound and voice interactions could emerge in the near future. In short, the future of Pokémon has many surprises in store for us.

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