Nintendo Switch: stingy on storage space, Big N forces us to buy a microSD

by Jerry

The Nintendo Switch is a phenomenal success worldwide, but it is not without its flaws and Big N is starting to experience a small problem with the internal memory of its hybrid console. Indeed, this one is simply not enough and players will have to extend it with a microSD card for some games.

While many players are in shock after learning that Mario is no longer a plumber, another less unusual news has just fallen as the giant of the video game industry takes steps to warn players of the need for a microSD card admitting in passing a weakness of the console, its internal memory.

Indeed, the Big N console has many advantages including its hybrid side that allows us to transform it into a home console and take it everywhere to play as a portable console. However, the 32GB of internal memory is not enough and players will have to go back to the checkout to extend it.

Nintendo Switch: Its lack of storage space will quickly be a problem

Protecting yourself from a microSD card will be mandatory to play certain games since the Switch's storage space will simply be insufficient. Nintendo announces that a mention will be visible on games that require a microSD card, as well as an internet connection to download additional content, the NBA 2K18 game is an example.

Bad news for players who will have to go back to the checkout but we can at least emphasize the transparency that Nintendo shows towards players, even if the pill may be a little hard to swallow for some of them. Meanwhile, large nintendo Switch stocks are planned for the Christmas holidays.

The Nintendo Switch is a huge success and even if it is not free of defects, it seems to fully satisfy the players and in the end that is still the most important.

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