NES Classic Mini: it's official, it will be back in 2018

by Jerry

You missed the NES Classic Mini when it came out, and thought you'd never be able to have it again? Nintendo has officially announced that it will be back in 2018, and that production of Super Nintendo Classic Mini will also continue next year. Don't panic then: no need to crack for a swollen price, just to be patient.

In the video game world, nothing is ever really old. No matter the platform and the era in which a game was developed, it can always bring a lot of pleasure to both nostalgic and newcomers.

Nintendo knows this, and has created the Classic Mini range for this: "mini" versions of its legendary consoles incorporating several games. While the Super Nintendo Classic is highly anticipated, those who were worried about stocks are entitled to some good news today.

Nintendo reassures future buyers of SNES and NES Classic Mini

Aware of the stock problems encountered by the NES Classic Mini, the Japanese manufacturer said today that the Super Nintendo Classic Mini will continue to be produced in 2018 for Europe, ensuring that speculation does not hit its selling price.

But more than that, the firm has announced the return of the NES Classic Mini to Europe for the summer of 2018. The mini console that has experienced very limited stocks and has not been able to meet the strong demand of fans will therefore return to its normal price for anyone who missed the first wave sold.

We'll also bring the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES back to Europe next summer. More info will be shared in the future –

— Nintendo of Europe (@NintendoEurope) September 12, 2017

Good news when collectors were tempted to turn to the scalpers, those unscrupulous dealers who did not hesitate for a second to order most of the stocks and resell them with a gigantic surcharge afterwards.

Whether you're attracted to the SNES or the NES Classic Mini, 2018 will be your year! Let's hope that in the meantime, the Virtual Console also appears on Nintendo Switch.

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