Kinect: Microsoft announces it will stop production of its accessory

by Jerry

Microsoft is ending its Kinect, which players were able to discover for the first time in 2010. This motion sensor relied on depth-sensing cameras to translate players' movements into action in the various games where the technology was supported. It's now official, Kinect is indeed dead after a long agony.

Redmond's firm has had some success with its device which has sold 35 million copies. Nevertheless, this is the end, the production lines dedicated to his device will stop making it. For many this will probably not be a surprise, it is whispered behind the scenes for some time already that it was going to disappear, the officialization by Microsoft is not surprising. We remember the position of the giant who did not want to sell his Xbox One without Kinect when it happened shortly after to sell the cheaper console.

Microsoft officially announces Kinect's death

As TheVergereports, Kinect is not a failed project, far from it, since Microsoft has recovered some of the devices' technologies and implemented them in other projects such as HoloLens, which uses it for depth detection. We also have another example like Windows Reality Mixed – Microsoft's mixed reality platform.

Moreover, we can also find the technologies of the Kinect at Apple with its iPhone X since the firm uses a depth detection camera for its FaceID. The firm got its hands on PrimeSense who worked on Kinect. Microsoft has changed its strategy over time, as we have seen with the upcoming arrival of the Xbox One X which has a very muscular technical sheet that can compete with a computer. The publisher intends to focus on 4K and games that benefit from better performance and graphics processing. The revolutionary gameplay allowed by the Kinect is no longer on the agenda, a page is now turning.

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