Nintendo Switch pirate: Big N now punishes hackers by blocking the console!

by Jerry

The Nintendo Switch has a new error message warning hackers that their console is blocked. These are some essential online features. Big N punishes anyone who tries to hack it to install tools to play illegally downloaded games, for example. It seems that some users are affected when they have not attempted to hack it.

According to the specialist website Nintendoeverything, Big N is starting to crack down virulently on hackers who try to hack the console. A new error code 2124-4007 appears inviting users to contact support so they can see the reasons for this message. Nintendo announces that it is blocking the online services of consoles used by individuals trying to hack it into installing Homebrews.

Switch: Nintendo punishes hackers by blocking certain features

Concretely, owners of consoles suspected of hacking will no longer have access to eShop, online games and will no longer be able to interact with their friends through the Network of the Switch. An exemplary sanction that risks changing the minds of those who wish to hack the hybrid console of the giant of the video game industry. Nintendo cites a breach of the license agreement to justify the blocking. It's also worth remembering that Nintendo is preparing its paid online service, which will arrive by September 2018.

Some users report on social networks that they have not hacked into the games console and are still affected by this error message. However, it is impossible to know whether these allegations are true. Nintendo has been a big hit with its Switch, which has sold millions of copies worldwide since its launch in March 2017. Nintendo is also launching a new, cheaper pack for its Dockless Switch. However, only the Japanese market is concerned at the moment.

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