Xbox: Microsoft plans to launch next generation console in 2020

by Jerry

A new Xbox in 2020? In any case, this is in Microsoft's plans, we learn in a final report reviving questions around the next generation of consoles. The project is under the code name "Scarlett." A "family of devices" is evoked Xbox rather than a single console. It will be entitled to a new streaming video game service and advanced Artificial Intelligence.

Microsoft is working on the next generation of Xbox and plans to launch its future console in 2020, reveals journalist Brad Sams, who has been closely following Microsoft's ongoing work for years. He claims to have been able to retrieve details of the American giant's upcoming roadmap for hardware. According to him, the project to develop the new Xbox is hidden under the code name "Scarlett".

Microsoft wants to release its next-generation Xbox in 2020

Interestingly, Microsoft is reportedly working on a"family of devices"for the next Xbox. As The Verge notes, this seems to echo the words of Phil Spencer, the boss of the Xbox branch of the American group. This one had let slip that "consoles" Xbox were in preparation, using the plural rather than the singular.

At the Xbox conference of E3 2018, Spencer confirmed that the project was underway but did not go into details. He just clarified that the engineering teams already behind the Xbox One X are at work and that Microsoft intends to "keep the commitment to provide the best in gaming console." He vaguely mentioned the presence of Artificial Intelligence, but this remains vague for the time being. Moreover, a new video game streaming service will arrive, certainly at the same time as the console.

If this date of 2020 is confirmed, the next Xbox could be ahead of the PS5, whose release is estimated at 2021 according to an announcement from Sony, which talks of a life cycle end of the PS4 for this year. A PS5 whose clues are beginning to be found on its technical record. In particular, a Ryzen processor is expected in the console.

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