Xbox Scarlet: Here's a preview of the technical sheet of the future console

by Jerry

The Xbox Scarlet, Microsoft's next generation console, is unveiled. Several years before its arrival on the market, rumors already offer us a first glimpse of its technical sheet. Let's take stock.

According to our Spanish colleagues at GeneracionXbox, the code name of the future Xbox is none other than Xbox Scarlet, as previous rumors have already claimed. According to the site, Microsoft's console will work largely in the cloud. For now, the machine is still in the design phase. Many elements of its technical sheet and functionality are still being studied at Microsoft's premises, tempers GeneracionXbox.

Here's what we already know about Microsoft's future Xbox Scarlet

According to the site's information, Microsoft is currently working on the Xbox GPU. Thanks to a chip dedicated to Direct3D technology, Microsoft's software library, the console's GPU will be able to optimize the performance of High Shader Language, the programming language of 3D graphics cards. In short, the console should offer a high-flying graphic rendering.

Determined to make the most of the potential of its GPU, Microsoft has decided to relegate many secondary tasks to the SoC AMD of the console. In this way, the machine's GPU will be able to focus on visual performance. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft is looking to natively include Ray Tracing's technology,a new method of 3D image calculation that allows photorealistic images to be designed.

Xbox Scarlet promises to be a monster of power. However, not all games available on the console will be available in 4K 60 fps, says Stefano Pinna, CEO of Forge Studios, a development studio. The latest news is that Microsoft plans to launch the Xbox Scarlet in 2020.

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