Xbox One: Microsoft develops 4K webcam for its console

by Jerry

Xbox One is coming to the end of the cycle and we're now expecting the next generation of consoles by 2020, but that doesn't mean Microsoft won't be offering a new hardware accessory in 2019. On the contrary, a 4K webcam to launch video communications or use facial recognition is reportedly under development and is expected to be released in the coming months.

Microsoft continues to invest heavily in gaming and appears to pose a growing threat to PlayStation. Like its rival Sony, the American group is now looking to expand its product range and is reportedly working on several accessories projects for its consoles. Among them, 4K webcams are reportedly being developed, reports the Thurrot media, which reports information from two concurring sources.

Video calls and facial recognition with the future 4K webcam for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC

On the face of it, at least one model would be compatible with the Xbox One, and it is expected to be released in 2019. So this is not an exclusive for the next generation of console (Microsoft could launch two new Xboxes in 2020). Able to record videos in 4K, these webcams will be able to launch video communications via Skype for example. Windows Hello would also be integrated, giving users the ability to identify themselves by facial recognition. Multiple profiles can be saved on the same console.

Or PC, since these webcams will also be able to equip computers on Windows 10. It remains to be seen what is the release date of these 4K webcam. Microsoft is accelerating on hardware after having already offered mouse keyboard support on Xbox One. Enough to offer one last surprise to players before the arrival of the next Xbox. Would you be interested in such an accessory?

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