Xbox Scarlett: Microsoft plans to launch 2 consoles in 2020!

by Jerry

Microsoft could release two versions of the Xbox Scarlett in 2020. Anxious to rake wide and offer different gaming experiences, the firm is working on two consoles to replace the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. We take stock of Microsoft's plans to counter the arrival of the PS5.

According to our Windows Central colleagues, Microsoft is currently preparing an Xbox Lockhart and an Xbox Anaconda. According to the information gathered, these two consoles would be on the market in 2020. According to specialist blogger Brad Sams, Microsoft will present its new generation of Xbox at E3 in June 2019.

Two Xbox Scarletts to counter the PS5 in 2020

The Lockhart would take over from the Xbox One S. It would be a more affordable console very similar to the current Xbox One from a performance point of view. The Lockhart is thus aimed at the lambda players. For his part, Brad Sams mentions this model under the name Xbox Scarlett Arcade in a recent article.

More powerful and high-end than the Xbox One X, which we tested, the Xbox Anaconda is for the most demanding players. The console would offer an optimal gaming experience. A rumor evokes the console under the name Xbox Scarlett Pro, which reflects well its positioning. There would be a Zen 2 architecture of AMD, capable of running games in 4K at 60 fps and ray tracing. The console thus establishes itself as the real rival of the PS5, the Sony console expected in 2020.

"Microsoft is also exploring technology to significantly reduce loading times with SSD storage in the console," adds Windows Central. In any case, both Xbox models would benefit from the back-to-back with all games released on Xbox (first Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One). That's great news!

In the process, Windows Central reveals that Microsoft is also working on the release of anXbox One S without a drive. The presentation of this console is scheduled in January 2019 for a spring release. To accompany this special version, Microsoft will implement the "disc-to-digital" program, which simply converts the disc of a game into a digital version. While this console relies on 100% cloud, Microsoft is not completely abandoning the Blu-ray player, which will equip all Xbox Scarletts expected in 2020.

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