YouTube will also have AI-powered bots

by Jerry

The list of companies with artificial intelligence capabilities continues to grow. The newest platform on the list is YouTube. The video site is going to start testing two such tools. One serves to summarize the main topics discussed in the comments area. The other answers questions about videos.

According to YouTube, the two tools will be made available to a small group of subscribers to the Premium package — which, by the way, has become more expensive. Since the tests are quite limited, you will hardly have access to them, at least at first.

AI Identifies Top Subject Topics of Comments
The comment summary tool shows you what are the main topics discussed by a video’s audience. When you tap to see all the replies, a new button appears, organizing the participation of Internet users by topics.

The idea is to make it easier to find specific discussions—think of a tutorial step that you didn’t quite understand, for example.

If video creators don’t like a topic, they need to remove all comments listed on that topic.

For now, comment roundup is available for a small number of videos with a lot of English commentary.

Chatbot summarizes video information
The other tool tested by YouTube is a conversational artificial intelligence. In other words, it’s a robot that understands what you’re saying and gives you appropriate responses, in natural language, as if it were a ChatGPT from that video.

The idea is to more easily access the information that is in a video. In the example given by YouTube, you can ask for a summary of the content, more information about the subject, or recommendations for related content.

This feature is only being tested in the US, for Android users.

YouTube also tests AI for video creation
The two tools announced this Monday (6) join the AI-powered video creation features introduced by YouTube in September 2023.

With Dream Screen, you can create illustrations from natural language prompts, such as “a panda drinking coffee” or “a dog driving a car.”

In addition to generative AIs, YouTube tests features for music recommendation, automatic dubbing, and insights from data.

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