Huawei says the P40 Pro will be the most powerful 5G smartphone on the market

by Jerry

Huawei CEO Richard Yu says the P40 Pro will be the "fastest 5G smartphone on the market." An assertion that leaves observers perplexed, while the smartphone is expected to carry a Kirin 990 5G chip, the same SoC as on the Mate 30 Pro. The smartphone will be officially unveiled at an event in Paris at the end of March.

Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei, is no stranger to dithyrambic formulas to describe his products or the aspirations of the company. And it is through this preliminary observation that we receive the latest statements from the official. According to Android Authority, Richard Yu has confirmed the names Huawei P40 and P40 Pro, while claiming that the P40 Pro will be "the most powerful 5G flagship in the world". But what does it really mean?

A boosted SoC Kirin 990?

On paper, and from the data available at the time we write these lines, nothing explains this potential jump in performance. The brand's next smartphone must carry a SoC Kirin 990 5G that had already been discovered on the Mate 30 Pro. There are still a few possibilities, notably the fact that Huawei has slightly boosted the clock frequencies of the Kirin 990 as Qualcomm did for example with the variants "O" of its SoC, such as the Snapdragon 855.

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Huawei could also equip its devices with RAM and faster storage technology for additional performance gains. Unless Richard Yu's words were misinterpreted, and the leader was actually talking about the power of his 5G connectivity, which would also make sense. Anyway, we should be fixed quickly. Huawei is expected to unveil the P40 and P40 Pros at an event in Paris on March 26.

Source: Android Authority

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