X/Twitter: Elon Musk launches Grok AI to compete with ChatGPT

by Jerry

The social network X (formerly Twitter) now has its own chatbot: Grok. According to the information, generative AI – or xIA – is available for limited testing and will be an exclusive feature for X Premium+ plan subscribers in the future.

Elon Musk’s new platform promises to offer a different experience than OpenAI’s ChatGPT rival. In particular, the chatbot should provide answers with good humor and have less “censorship” regarding potentially sensitive topics.

Elon Musk has always been critical of ChatGPT’s alleged censorship of certain topics. Then, the billionaire and owner of X says he launched the Grok AI to “be the best representation of the truth.”

According to the executive, the chatbot will be a more accurate source of information on news and other matters in real time. To always stay up-to-date, the AI will collect data from social network users’ publications.

Recently, X updated the user agreement stating that posts made by users of the platform will be used in Grok’s training. Then, Musk claims that the chatbot will bring responses with a certain tone of humor and sarcasm similar to the social network’s audience.

Is X/Twitter still a reliable source of information?
At first, using X itself as a source for Grok’s training seems like an interesting idea. However, the social network has had a diminishing flow of information that rarely reflects global trends and opinions.

Several users complain that the platform has become a space for misinformation in recent months. In addition, X Premium subscribers would be monetized by publications with distorted information about COVID, the war in Israel, the political scenario in the US and other controversial topics.

In this way, analysts believe that Grok could become a “disinformation machine” based on Elon Musk’s opinions on sensitive subjects. On the other hand, the billionaire argues that the chatbot will be essential to “help spread the truth, away from the lies of the media and governments”.

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