Xbox Scarlett: AMD Zen 2, 4K 60 fps processor and release in 2020?

by Jerry

The Xbox Scarlett is once again talking about itself. According to a well-known blogger, Microsoft's future console would be equipped with an AMD Zen 2 processor capable of running games in 4K at 60 fps. The console is scheduled to be released on the market in 2020, with a presentation at E3 in 2019.

According to specialist blogger Brad Sams, the Xbox Scarlett will be able to run any game in 4K 60 fps thanks to a Zen 2 architecture from AMD, a new generation of processor engraved in 7nm. As a reminder, the Xbox One already benefits from the 4K. However, it is not possible to exceed 30 frames per second.

New preview of the Xbox Scarlett fact sheet

Unsurprisingly, the console promises to be a real monster of power. According to a previous leak, the Xbox Scarlett would also benefit from the ray tracing of a chip dedicated to Direct3D technology, Microsoft's software library. According to Brad Sams, the console would have the back-to-back with all the games released on Xbox One.

The blogger is betting on an exit on the market sometime in 2020. The man is joined by another well-known insider, Krobrille. "The successor (Editor's note: Xbox One) is in full development and I think you'll hear about it around 2020," the leader announced in a tweet. For his part, Brad Sams believes that Microsoft will present a first glimpse of the Xbox Scarlett at E3 in June 2019. For its part, Sony has decided to snub the E3 2019.

The prospect of a presentation in 2019 is becoming more and more clear. Phil Spencer, product manager of the Xbox branch, assured the Game Awards that "next year will be even better for the players". In the aftermath, the executive confirmed that Microsoft will be present at E3 in 2019.

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A beloved Xbox IP game you have probably played in the last 4 years or so will get its bold second title in next-gen. The estate is deep in development and I expect you will hear about it around 2020.

— Klobrille (@klobrille) December 8, 2018

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