Xbox Series: Microsoft finally wants to call its next console "Xbox", we do not understand …

by Jerry

The Xbox Series has raised many questions about its name. Microsoft wanted to clarify things during an interview for the business insider website. Problem, we still do not understand anything.

Credits: Microsoft

Microsoft has just unveiled its Xbox Series X, its new home console and main competitor of the PS5. Formerly called Project Scarlett, the manufacturer has chosen to rename the Xbox Series X machine, a much more generic name than the previous one. A company spokeswoman justified this choice in an interview for our colleagues on the Business Insider website.

According to him, Microsoft wants to call all consoles of this generation simply by Xbox. The Series terms associated with a letter will mark the difference between the different machines, as the manufacturer did with the Xbox One X and One S for example. We already know that Microsoft plans to release its Xbox new gen in multiple versions. Rumors point to a model called"Lockhart", which would have about a third of the processing power of the Xbox Series X and would not be equipped with Blu-Ray player.

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Don't replicate Nintendo's mistakes

"Thename we keep for the next generation is just Xbox. At the Game Awards, you saw that name come to life with the Xbox Series X. As fans have seen with previous generations, the Xbox Series X name leaves room for additional consoles in the future,"the spokeswoman said in Business Insider columns. Despite this explanation, some specialized journalists fear that Microsoft will create some confusion among the public. By calling all of its Xbox consoles, the unsophisticated general public can quickly get lost between different generations.

Nintendo had experienced this situation with the Wii U. With a name too close to the Wii and awkward communication, many users were convinced that the Wii U was a simple accessory for the Wii and not a new console in its own right. This confusion in the minds of consumers has also played a major role in the commercial failure of the Wii U. Microsoft will have to be extremely vigilant in its communication to mark the difference between a particular model for the general public.

Source: Business Insider

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