Huawei: an American firm is finally allowed to supply the Chinese manufacturer!

by Jerry

Micron is again allowed to supply memory chips to Huawei. The U.S. Department of Commerce has just granted a sales license to the U.S. firm. Under these conditions, other US-based companies, including Google and Qualcomm, could benefit from a waiver in the coming weeks.

Micron has just obtained permission to sell DRAM and NAND chips to Huawei,report our colleagues from Reuters. Since last May, the U.S.-based firm based in Idaho had not been allowed to sell its components to the Chinese group, still blacklisted. However, the United States has recently allowed the Chinese firm to be able to buy "non-sensitive goods" from companies based on American soil. The Trump administration has been issuing approvals to the drip for a few weeks now. Micron is the first company to benefit.

"These licenses allow us to ship products we manufacture to the United States," Micron said in a statement. The firm states that "there are still many products that we cannot sell to Huawei." "We think we will be able to fully get back to work with them and supply all our products in a few months, we should be in a much better position – assuming of course no changes in U.S. trade policy," Sanjay Mehrotra, managing director of Micron Technology, told Reuters.

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Hope for Google and Android?

This new development bodes well for the future of Huawei smartphones. Following the license obtained by Micron, it is not impossible that Google will soon obtain a waiver of the same ilk. Deprived of an Android license, the group is no longer allowed to integrate Google's services into its smartphones. The Mate 30s are devoid of the Google Play Store. We'll tell you more as soon as possible.

Source: Reuters

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