Xbox Series X: HDMI input disappears, USB-C is out of date

by Jerry

If AMD got caught up in the carpet yesterday by unveiling fake images of the Xbox Series X, which would have allowed us to really discover the ports of the console, we learn today what its entrances and exits really look like.

Credits: Microsoft

Yesterday, AMD created a surprise by unveiling new images of the Xbox Series X, which clearly showed the ports of Microsoft's next console. except that… the console's visuals were not real, but made from scratch using 3D software, and purchased for ten dollars. It's a stain. AMD apologized after a few hours, while Microsoft denied sending visuals of its console to the founder. On the other hand, new information about the ports of the Xbox Series X has just arrived, information that seems more serious this time.

A console with two USB-A ports, but no USB-C

To get to the bottom of this, the site has finally questioned several of its "sources", which can be considered reliable as the site is rarely mistaken. The journalist managed to get the real details about the console's ports, and that's what comes out of it. As the visual below shows, the console will be equipped with the following inputs/exits:

  • two USB-A 3.0 ports
  • an Ethernet port
  • An HDMI output
  • an S/PDIF optical port
  • a power connector
  • a port that seems dedicated to debugging the console, even if its real functionality is not yet confirmed

At this point, there are two things to note. On the one hand, the console has no HDMI input, as is currently the case on Xbox One or Xbox One X. In addition, Microsoft also seems to be skipping USB-C,in favor of the ancestral USB-A. Of course, Redmond's company can still make changes between now and the mass production of the console, even if it has very little time left.

With xbox Series X expected by the end of the year, Microsoft engineers will have to rush if they want to make some last-minute adjustments.


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