Huawei P40: no quad-sensor for standard version

by Jerry

The standard Huawei P40 should be content with a triple photo sensor, reveals a new leak. Unlike the Pro version, the smartphone would ignore the periscope telephoto lens. However, there is the same rectangular photo block similar to Samsung's Galaxy S11 (S20).

A photo from Huawei's production lines has just appeared on Sina Weibo, the Chinese social network. Relayed by our gsm Arena colleagues, the stolen photo shows the rectangular photo block of the standard Huawei P40. Unsurprisingly, the smartphone doesn't look as promising as the Pro version.

In the photo, we see only 3 cutouts for the photo modules of the phone. Unsurprisingly, the standard P40 will have to contend with a triple photo sensor,like its predecessor the Huawei P30 released in March 2019. Two additional cutouts are present. They are thought to be for LED flash and laser focus.

This new leak also confirms the presence of the rectangular Photo Block galaxy S11. If the three main modules aligned vertically are reminiscent of the design of the P30, the flash placement is similar to the P40 Pro.

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And five photo sensors for the Huawei P40 Pro

Contrary to some rumors, the smartphone therefore ignores the quadruple photo sensor. For its part, the P40 Pro would be equipped with a five-fold photo sensor, including an 8MP periscope telephoto lens with an f/4.0 aperture and an x10 optical zoom. The standard P40 would be content with an x5 optical zoom.

For the record, Huawei will unveil the P40 and P40 Pro in Paris in March 2020. Banned from the U.S. market by Donald Trump's decision, the Chinese group will not integrate Google's services and applications into its new flagships. We'll tell you more as soon as possible.

Source: GSM Arena

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